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2023 Afro-Caribbean Food Festival


Date & Time: July 22, 2023 @ 11am

Location: Celebration Square (C-Square), Calgary, AB

Festival Vlogs

An annual event that reflects the heart and soul of our community

A celebration of the Caribbean, African,
and everything in-between
through FOOD

Proudly Produced By

Proudly Produced By

Yard-Core Seeds of Life Association

Our objective as a non-profit society is to forecast the essence of the seed.
Meaning, we teach people how to be self-sufficient by growing their own produce and plants. By hosting horticulture seminars, and hands-on training. We empower the youth to try to grow something for themselves, teaching valuable skills for the generation and future generations to come.

What we do

We educate and teach

Who we serve

All individuals

How we serve

Community activities, gardening, workshops, and festivals!


All donation proceeds go towards supporting the community of Calgary. Good food and good fun, for a good cause!